Riojan Recipies:
Cuajada Dessert


Cuajada—a perfect dessert for someone like me who is gluten and dairy (cow’s milk) intolerant. It is a great low-sugar, low-carb dessert. Cuajada is EASY once you find the coagulant! It only requires two ingredients: cooked sheep’s milk (you can use cow’s if you don’t have sheep’s milk available), and a coagulant like rennet or vegetarian substitute.

You Will Need:

  • – 1L or 4.5c Milk
  • – A few drops of rennet (or Substitute)
  • – 6-8 small desset cups or bowls


Heat the milk until boiling (you’ll need to continually stir it so it doesn’t burn—and from experience, you can taste burnt milk in the cuajada).

Put a few drops of rennet into the cups.

Add the boiled milk.

Wait for 30 minutes and place the cups in the fridge.

Voila. Eat it plain, as I like it, or serve with honey, walnuts or sugar. Some people add sugar to the milk before it boils for a sweeter taste. I have added dark cocoa powder to give it a chocolate flavor.